The Dunlop Cry baby wah wah pedal

The one guitar effects pedal that started a music revolution (my review)

Why is the Dunlop Crybaby wah-wah pedal the “granddaddy” of all guitar effects pedals that started it all…

It all started back in the late 60’s and as far as I can remember, I was just beginning to learn to play guitar and this sound ruled for years it seems that every song that was played on the radio or musician that had a hit record used the crybaby in some part of his solo.

From Rock, Pop, Blues, Soul, R&B, Funk, Reggie, and just about every music genre there is has used this effects pedal.

Which is the reason I have started reviews of these awesome guitar effects pedals

I began picking up and learning guitar at the age of around 12 and am still playing to this day

even with one of my bandmates Im giging with currently I was in my first band in the 6th grade,

Why am telling you this?? Because at some point through the years I have used or played with if not all of these listed, certainly a good share.

So whats your sound? you can find it here in a cry baby…..

Hopefully, if your a beginner guitarist looking for that “certain” sound this will help and I enjoy sharing what I can about playing and getting that “right” sound.

Now there is a ton of information on this one particular guitar effects pedal that I  have been able to research with each manufacturer from the actual (by accident) creator Brad Plunkett who worked for the Thomas Organ (VOX), originally giving birth to some part of its origin in his garage, to the final creator Dunlop.

In the late ’70s, Vox and Thomas parted ways; in ’82, Thomas went under. Jim Dunlop astutely bought rights to the pedal and began offering his GCB-95 Original Cry Baby, soon followed by upgraded, hot-rodded versions and signature models. As of today, the Cry Baby just may be the best-selling pedal of all time.

For me personally, thats more nostalgic information than I need to know, it might be of interest to you, Im just glad it was created and it’s here.

You can Google the Dunlop Guitar effects pedal and have more to read on this one guitar effects pedal than you care to. But all things considered, this one guitar effects pedal gave birth to generations of expanded sounds that could never be imagined, if you think it, they could create it.

The legends string as far as guitar effects pedals go from Clapton’s white room to Hendrix’s Voo-doo child to Bob Marley’s Album Exodus and on and on…

In my opinion, no gigging guitarist is complete without having a version of the crybaby in his/her arsenal of guitar effects pedals. The next time you’re at a gig watching your favorite band check out the pedal board and chances are first in line will be the Dunlop Crybaby wah-wah.

So what is the right Cry baby wha wha for you?



  • This wah’s Halo Inductor-driven vocal growl sounds great when you’re pushing a moderate-gain tube amp into the gritty zone.

This Cry Baby Wah is voiced by a vintage-style Halo™ Inductor for added harmonic content and growl, with an internal switch for true bypass/non-true bypass operation.




    Jerry Cantrell Cry Baby WaJC95 : This wah is very expressive and throaty with just the right amount of tone and response versatility thanks to a knob on the side that allows you to lower the frequency of the toe-down position.This Cry Baby Wah features a dark, punchy voice and a wide sweep with a control on the side for fine-tuning the toe-down frequency.


  •    Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Cry Baby Wah Wah: The Slash Wah deploys a searing high gain distortion coupled with the Fasel-loaded Classic circuit for an instant lead tone that not only cuts through but sings with a sweet and lush top end. Convenient LEDs indicate distortion on/off and wah on/off modes, so there’s no more guessing game every time you put your foot down. And with the batteries readily accessible from the top of the rocker pedal, you don’t have to fumble with a screwdriver when it’s time to re-power. So get your boot on a Dunlop Slash Wah. Top hat not included. Power: Dunlop ECB004 AC Adapter or Two 9 volt batteries




  • Cry Baby 535Q Multi-Wah: This is the Swiss Army Knife of wahs. With an adjustable Q, six different selectable frequency ranges, and an adjustable output boost, the 535Q is perfect for players who like to tweak and tailor their sound from rig to rig and song to song. The 535Q Cry Baby Multi-Wah features a six-position Range Selector, a Variable Q control, and a switchable boost circuit so you can dial in the ultimate wah tone.


Buddy Guy Cry Baby Wah: Smooth, warm, and voiced like a bell. For straight-up electric blues, what more would you want?          





Clyde McCoy® Cry Baby Wah: This is our tribute to the very first wah pedal. Its super throaty and super expressive thanks to its Halo Inductor. This wah is great for blues and blues rock, but it sounds just as great when used for vintage hard rock.

Ok,Metal fans here you are…..


Dimebag Cry Baby Wah: This is actually our most versatile wah pedal, featuring six selectable frequency ranges, adjustable Q , and boost, toe -down voicing trim, and stereo outs. This thing lets you sculpt your tone into downright nastiness, especially when using high-gain amps.





John Petrucci Cry Baby Wah: If you want unprecedented control over your wah’s tonal spectrum, this is the wah you need on your pedalboard. It’s got all of the controls of the Cry Baby Rack Wah: Q, Volume, and six EQ controls. Right out of the box this wah is set to John’s own rack wah settings, but all you need to do is remove the bottom plate to re-tune the pedal to your own shredding delight.


    MC404 CAE Wah: This wah is great if you want to go back and forth between vintage and modern sounds thanks to its switchable red and yellow Fasel Inductors. Quite handy if you play in a cover band. It’s also got a built-in boost so you can put your signal right in front of the mix.




For the Bass Player

  • Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah: This one isn’t just for bass players! It has the deepest and broadest range, so if you’re a guitar player who wants a wah tone that’s rich and dark with a wide sweep, do yourself a favor and test this pedal out. It doesn’t use an inductor like most wahs. Rather, it’s voiced more like a classic envelope filter, which can get quite heavy! And with auto-return switching, you can step in and out of the effect for a seamless live experience.                                                                                                                                 

Fast Forward to present….. and meet the Little Brother Cry Baby wah wha mini GO SMALL……

Cry Baby Mini Wah:

If you’re really tight on space, or you’re putting a down-sized travel board together, get yourself a Cry Baby Mini Wah. It’s got three different voices—GCB95 for the Cry Baby Standard Wah sound, Vintage for a subtler sound, and Low for a dark and throaty sound—in housing that’s half the size but can still take all the beatings on the road.