About Me

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to guitareffectspedalsreview page

Just to tell you a little bit about me and why I started this page…..

I’ve been a musician since the age of around 12 and have been playing for longer than I care to admit, I played professionally in NYC in the 70’s and have been playing and writing since.

Chances are at some point I’ve played and used some or all of the effects Im listing so I feel I do have some first-hand knowledge, but more so this site I hope will give an aspiring guitarist some knowledge of what are some of the best guitar effects pedals he/she might be looking for.

I remember starting out hearing sounds on the radio (back then) thinking that is so coo,l what is making that guitar sound like that? And back then it was all word of mouth or going to the music store and trying to explain what it is your looking for…..

I’ve always played guitar and recently have taken up the keyboard which by the way I will be doing some reviews on those as well, but for now, this site is dedicated to helping aspiring guitarist find their right pedal to complete their sound

Im hoping you will find this site to be useful in helping find the sound you looking for.

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